Who We Are

Tayside Consulting Services Ltd,  an indigenous asset management, procurement and consultant services company based in Abuja, providing corporate training to ensure the availability of skilled and willing workforce to an organization and independent consulting services across the project management and supply value chain.

Our range of services are designed to protect the need of our clients which precedes all our recommendation for service improvement and performance optimization, with proven capacity in Talent Acquisition, Development and Management training.

We at Tayside Consulting Services Ltd believe keeping any business running and individuals relevant effectively and efficiently requires continuous training.

Our Core Business Areas


Training on organizational behavior. Workshop programs, Incorporation stress management, health & safety awareness as well as reorientation in the power sector value chain.


e-Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Market intelligence, Low-cost country outsourcing, Financial Services, Industrial goods and services, Oil and Gas, Private Equity, Retail.

Consultancy Services

Strategy, Risk and Opportunity Assessment, Performance Improvement, Advanced Analytics, Strategy, Full potential transformation – Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisitions, Results Delivery.

Project Management

Analysis of Procurement Value Chain, Strategic Sourcing and Negotiating , Construction Project Management, Project Quantity Surveying, Organizational Strategic Planning and Project Controls.

Our Core Competencies

Our work will develop and equip both entrepreneurs and corporate staff (public and private) nationwide on how to navigate through the present economic environment and how to uncover hidden opportunities for their respective organizations.

Training 97%
Procurement 90%
Consultancy Services 95%
Project Management 90%

Not Sure Where To Start?

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